You may (or may not) have noticed, but over the last few months I have put ordering on "Pause" a number of times in order to give myself a chance to get caught up on the order backlog and other tasks. I am so grateful to everyone who has waited patiently for your items or [...]

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Hello! As 2023 winds down I find that after 20+ years, I would like to slow things down a bit. So, in an effort to make time for more play and less work I will be "pausing" ordering from time to time. During these pauses, the website will still be here for browsing but most [...]

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Halloween 2023

Ok, folks it's official- the Halloween order list for 2023 is now closed. There are a few sale items available for immediate shipment and I am adding more items daily. (see previous post Return of the Sale items- aka No Waiting!) If you have already placed an order and have not asked for Halloween delivery, [...]

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It’s that time of year again…

You guessed it- Halloween is creeping up on us again, scary right? I've said this before but in case you missed it- you MUST include your deadline with your order to avoid disappointment. And it doesn't hurt to contact me before ordering just to be sure. This goes for any deadline, including Halloween.  As of [...]

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New Address!!

If you are sending something back for repair, return, alterations etc. please note that we have a new address. "New" as of Aug 2022(yeah I know that was Last year), but I'm realizing now that not everyone is aware of the change and I apologize. I guess I was so busy with moving and all [...]

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Return of the Sale items- aka No Waiting!

Ok those of you who have been shopping here for awhile may remember the old In-stock Sale page where I would list orphaned or extra items that needed homes. These are usually made in order to use up some extra fabric or sometimes mistakes- which result in perfectly good 1st quality items, but are not [...]

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Got Water?

For those who might be wondering, all is well and dry here at Spandexwear. However due to local flooding and Postal Service disruptions I will be holding off on shipping anything until next week, July 17, 2023. I am here to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Stay safe and have fun!

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Zipless Entry!

Ok one of the most asked questions I get- probably the top question after "when oh when am I going to get my order!?"- is what is the Zipless Entry and do you have any photos?? I have tried to describe it as "like an envelope" but- well you know that old saying about a [...]

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Welcome to the new Spandexwear News and Info page! The purpose of the this page is to provide more in-depth descriptions and photos of our products and options, as well as any news such as new or changing products and fabrics. TIA for reading!

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