Ok one of the most asked questions I get- probably the top question after “when oh when am I going to get my order!?”- is what is the Zipless Entry and do you have any photos?? I have tried to describe it as “like an envelope” but- well you know that old saying about a picture being worth 1000 words…so here we go. Keep in mind these are posed on a mannequin and I know not the best photos.  Between the suit being slightly too small for him, and Mr Mann E Quinn being a not so flexible model, this was just a bit of a wrestling match haha.  At any rate, I hope it gives some clarification.

The front and back of the suit split at the armpit so that the top of the suit opens up. You step in and pull it up… slipping your arms through the straps attached to the back so it looks like this in the front (photo below left) and the back(photo below right). You can see the rest of the suit kind of hanging down in front at this point- this includes the top front, sleeves and neck opening(with hood attached if applicable) as well as a short upper back covering.


Pull the rest of the top up and over the head putting your arms in the sleeves or armholes. If all goes well the back will look like photo below. All snug and no zippers!

This option is available on the Bodysuits, Leotards, Costumes and Hobble Dresses. Pretty much anything with sleeves/armholes. It is not available on Mummy Bags.