Ok those of you who have been shopping here for awhile may remember the old In-stock Sale page where I would list orphaned or extra items that needed homes. These are usually made in order to use up some extra fabric or sometimes mistakes- which result in perfectly good 1st quality items, but are not exactly what was ordered. So they are finished up and offered at a discount. Good news for everyone, I have finally sat down and taken the time to figure out how to list these Sale items on this newest version of Spandexwear.com! Yayyy!!

Instead of a single list, sale items are now found under the individual categories. If there are Sale items available in a particular category, you’ll find the Sale listings at the bottom. Everything listed is a one off- discounted, first quality, complete and  Ready to Ship(didn’t I say no waiting!!) For this reason, I cannot make alterations or otherwise customize Sale items. Also- no pictures- sorry I can’t stop and photograph this stuff but it’s all standard styles/options/ fabrics shown on the site. And you can always contact me with questions!

If you are new to Spandexwear this is a good way to sample our products at a discount. If you are not so new you already know you’re getting a good deal(and thank you for coming back!)

In-stock items are not returnable so please check details and sizing carefully before purchasing.