This is our Full Bodysuit, and so much more. With almost limitless variations, you can add options to your hearts content to build the suit of your dreams.

Full Body zentai catsuit provides coverage from head to fingertips to toes for fun, pleasure, you name it.  This Full Zentai can be made from any of our spandex fabrics, and comes standard with the back entry and hood zipper, fingered gloves and sock feet. Choose from our many available options such as eyeholes, straitjacket hands, or plumbing zippers to make YOUR unique costume! Suit shown in Basic Black and Custom Fit.

In most fabrics, visibility is extremely limited or impossible. I’m happy to make your hood without eyeholes, but you won’t want to be running around strange hotel rooms until you’ve memorized the furniture layout.

Now, breathing: ALL PVC fabrics are Non-Breathable and WILL severely restrict breathing. If you plan to purchase a PVC Suit with Hood we insist that you add a sewn nosehole or mouth option to allow for breathing so you don’t suffocate and die- that would be really bad for business.

Many options can be added to this basic suits: sewn eyes, zipper mouth, ears and tails, nipple zippers, stirrups etc. There are so many options that some can’t be combined on the same garment- such as Attached Hood and Front Entry zipper. I have made note of and otherwise avoided the possibility of such conflicts but please be aware when ordering.

More information on the zipless entry can be found here

Pricing starts at $109.95 on our Full Body Suit in regular spandex fabrics and standard sizing.


***If you are ordering a Custom Fit, Made to Measure Bodysuit for the first time, please choose “Custom Fit Pattern Fee $29.95” as your sizing.  New Custom Fit customers, please complete the measurement form. Complete Custom Fit info is available on the Measurement form page.

If you would like this item made from your previously purchased Custom Fit Bodysuit pattern, please choose “Custom Fit Existing Pattern”. Measurements can be updated at no charge simply fill out the measurement form and note that you would like your pattern updated.

Please allow 6 weeks for shipment