Custom Fit

At we can make garments to fit anyone. Just because you don’t fit our Standard sizes doesn’t mean you can’t have the costume or garment you’ve always wanted! It all starts with a set of measurements provided by you. For the most accurate measurements, we recommend the following:

  • Have another person do the measuring.
  • Hold the tape measure snugly, but not tight enough to cut in.
  • If you intend to wear any special foundations or undergarments with your spandex garment, measure over that item, IE: Corset, bra, girdle, etc.
  • Don’t “fudge” measurements up or down to change fit. (If you want a tighter/looser fit just ask)

That’s it!

Custom Fit Patterns are retained on file indefinitely for future use. Multiple garments can be made from one full pattern, BUT one Custom Fit Pattern does not cover every possibility… A Full Suit is not a Mummy Bag is not a Zombie Suit is not a Hobble Dress, you see? If, in the future, you decide to try another style you will need to pay the fee again.

The PVC spandex has significantly less stretch than the rest of our fabrics and requires special patterns. If you purchase a Custom Fit Pattern to have a Full Suit made in one of our regular nylon/spandex, velour, or print fabrics, and you later want another Full Suit made from PVC, you will need to have a second pattern made.

Our patterns are not for sale. This is a custom fit service, and all patterns will remain the exclusive property of Graphica Design.

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  • Hobbles, Mummy Bags, and Zombie Suits

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