Sleeveless Anchored Hood, Pullover style with 1″ elasticized bottom edge. Can be customized with the addition of long or short sleeves, or long sleeves with gloves attached. Add any of the many regular hood options such as eye zippers or mouth holes or ears. Many of the Hood options are pictured on the Pullover Hoods page.
Pricing starts at $44.95 for the Anchored Hood in regular spandex fabrics and standard sizing. Shown in Black Metallic Foil with Oversized Oval Eyes and Mouth/Nose/Chin Opening.
Sizing has been updated- Head size is based on head circumference, but you should also indicated chest size based on the sizing charts(found in the menu the very top of the page) Women’s Anchored hood is made to fit under the bust. If you have a custom pattern on file, choose Custom Fit Existing.
Please allow 3 – 4 weeks for shipment