Perhaps our most versatile product, the extensive selection of Mummy Bag options allow you to design anything from a basic Sleepsack to a tricked out bondage item. Or, switch things out to create a Hybrid (aka Zombie) by combining Bodysuit and Mummy Bag features!
The Mummy Bag can be made from any fabric we carry, but we recommend our heavyweight 10 ounce black spandex for the snuggest feeling and longest life.
PLAY SAFE: This garment is designed for 2 people- 1 person to wear the Mummy Bag, and another person to assist and supervise. We don’t recommend or condone unattended, self-bondage or escape artist games.
Many of you have asked about the Stitched and Internal Sleeves, hope this can clarify things

In the Stitched Arms and Legs version, the front and back panels of the Mummy Bag are firmly stitched together at the underarm to thigh and crotch to toe forming the sleeves and legs. You can see this in the photo of the Black and White Checked Mummy Bag.

For the Internal Sleeves, both Vertical and Horizontal, separate pieces sewn into the bag. The vertical is a closed end sleeve that hold the arms at your side. The horizontal is a wide cuff that hold the forearms crossed in front at the waist. When used together the Vertical sleeve is split just above the elbow so that the forearms can be placed in either position. (Photos not yet available)

Pricing starts at $94.95 for our Mummy Bag in regular spandex fabrics and standard sizing. If you choose PVC fabric, you will be required to choose a nose or mouth opening to allow for breathing.

Custom Fit Available. If you have purchased Custom Fit for this style and fabric type in the past, please choose Custom Fit- Existing.

Please allow 4 – 5 weeks for shipment