You may (or may not) have noticed, but over the last few months I have put ordering on “Pause” a number of times in order to give myself a chance to get caught up on the order backlog and other tasks. I am so grateful to everyone who has waited patiently for your items or had to wait to put in an order.

The good news- I am happy to report- is that it is working! And dare I say- you should be seeing shorter turnaround times and I should be able to actually take some time off now and then.  I have not been on vacation or taking a break during the “pauses” but actually chipping away at the order backlog. I think there has been some confusion on that point, and I apologize.

The pauses will continue to happen as needed to keep ahead of things. You will know when it is happening by the notice on the home page and product pages. Some items are available for order during the pauses, including Sale items. I have added a few more of those recently, and will continue to add more as I can. Other items that are always available are Fabric by the Yard, Swatches, Locks, Web Straps, Storage bags and Wonder Hoods. Questions and comments are welcome, as always and thanks for reading!