Hello! As 2023 winds down I find that after 20+ years, I would like to slow things down a bit. So, in an effort to make time for more play and less work I will be “pausing” ordering from time to time. During these pauses, the website will still be here for browsing but most products will not be available for purchase. This will (hopefully)allow me to control how much work I take on and how many hours I work.

Some products will always be available- Sale items, Fabric by the yard, Web Straps, Locks and anything else that takes little to no labor. I’ll post a complete list soon. This is new so we will see how it works. A notice will posted when pausing is in effect, with the anticipated end/re-opening date.

You may still contact me anytime via the web form or email and I will still be here filling the outstanding orders. Even though I have comments set to off (thank the spammers) in fact I would welcome your comments, questions and thoughts.

This has not been an easy decision- I know that this will mean that not everyone can be accommodated. I can’t help that- if I’ve learned anything in 20 years, it’s that I can’t do everything. Your understanding, patience and continued loyalty is appreciated more than you can know.