Full Length Hobble Dress

Full Length Hobble Dress
Access zipper (shown on Mummybag)
Full Length Hobble Dress GM024
Ankle Length, Sleeveless Hobble Dress shown here in our Black Cire fabric with optional MockTurtleneck. This dress hugs your body all the way from your neckline to your ankles! As the name implies, you won't be running anywhere in this beauty. An 18" zipper in the back top of the garment allows you to put it on. A 2nd 18" zipper in the back bottom of the dress can be opened, and allows you to walk with a near-normal stride. Front and rear Access (plumbing) zippers also available- see detailed image.

The optional Zipper Padlock Loops allow the zippers of our garments to be locked shut. Specify which zipper(s) you want to lock when you order. When using our Miniature Padlocks the tiny metal ring that comes with the lock is threaded thru the garment zipper pull. Then, the padlock is secured thru the metal ring and the sewn Lock Loop. If you use your own padlocks, you'll have to come up with your own ideas for attaching your locks to our zippers.

Pricing starts at $69.95 for the Full Length Sleeveless Hobble Dress in regular spandex fabrics and standard sizing. Custom Fit Available. If you have previously purchased this item in Custom sizing, please choose "Returning Customer"
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SKU GM0240
Weight 1.00 lbs
Price: $69.95
Standard Sizing
Fabric Choices
Optional Custom Fit Pattern
Added Sleeves
Neckline Options
Entry Zipper
Optional Access Zippers
Zipper LockLoop
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